Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shells, Sea grass and Surfing

The next day we went to another beach that had bigger waves.  Siargao is a popular surf spot and my friend wanted to take a crash course on surfing... and it was a real "crash" course for her since she ended up crashing into the sea :D
I had no plans of joining her so I spent the day walking on the shore where I saw a lot of cool things.
Sea grass!
Beautiful orange coral
Sea urchin shell
and a boat with a dog on board :)
On our way back we saw rows of coconut shells drying out in the sun.  I always see this in the provinces but just recently found out that it was for making copra.
It was almost dark when we got back to the resort.  It was really quiet since we were the only guests at that time which was nice and a bit freaky.  Freaky since I kept thinking of aswangs.  LOL.  Just kidding on the aswang of course.
I watched the fishermen bring in their catch that night.  I found it really strange that they only caught one kind of fish. 
The nets were filled with these tiny blue fish.  Pretty amazing, huh? :)


  1. wow Siargao! Why didn't you try surfing?

  2. i miss the sea. did u get to taste those blue fishes?

    1. They gave the cook a handful to make into kilawin but I had to pass. Was too full that time :D

  3. Those fishies look weird on grass. That's grass, right? A bit hard to say in the picture.

    1. Yes, it's grass :D Bluegrass to be exact kaya mukhang carpet.

  4. Lovely photos! I would love to have the chance to explore Siargao.

  5. I will Siargao next year! Did you go to Bucas Grande?
    Those blue fishies are SO COOL!



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