Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LaTOP Organic Veggies in Manila

Saturday breakfast at the Cafe by the ruins is one of the things I look forward to every time we go to Baguio.  Aside from the yummy food, I really love going to the organic market outside the cafe.  The fruits and vegetables are all products of LaTop (La Trinidad Organic Practitioners), a cooperative of over 100 farmers practicing organic farming in the Cordillera region. 
LaTop offers a wonderful selection of produce.  They even have things that are not usually grown here such as gooseberries, blueberries, brussel sprouts etc.  
star ranking
Each product has a grade (from 1-6 stars) depending on how it was grown.  I don't have the exact details right now but I do recall that a higher number is always better.  I'll post the complete explanation once I find the leaflet that I asked from the vendor last year (hope I find it :D).  I remember leaving that leaflet on one of our floor stand mounts but now it is just missing.  Hopefully, I will find it soon!  
Anyway, the good news is that we do not have to go all the way to Baguio for these veggies because  they are now available at SM!  This week I got baby carrots, red beets, ginger, red radish, french beans and blueberries.
Now to find a recipe that uses red radish :)


  1. How neat to have such great produce available nearby! Those carrots look delicious! :)

  2. Try the radishes the French way. Raw - spread with butter, sprinkle with salt and bite. Repeat :D Or sliced on bread slathered with butter.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Meow :) I made soup with them. okay naman. Will try eating them raw next time

  3. Hope I can find red radish in SM this weekend. As for the recipe, you can marinate some tenderloin strips (cut into bits) with mccormick taco powder. Saute the beef in garlic until tender. roll the beef in soft taco , cilantro, red radish and a squeeze of lemon juice. You can dip this in fresh salsa - reswel

  4. Hi, Be careful in buying in organic produce in SM Hypermarket and Supermarket of the name “Kias Organic Greens” harvested by Latop farmers. This label is a misrepresentation of Latop Cooperative and suspended its dealer Peterson Tan or Peter Tan for using Latop and OCCP name in spreading his “claimed” organic produce



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