Sunday, August 7, 2011

White lamp shade cat

We have 2 lamps at home :)
Kumo lamp
One is a bit grumpy though!
Kumo lamp
There is a lot of improvement on Kumo's skin.  Almost all the wounds are dry except for 2 new spots at the back!  This happened when we let Kumo roam without the cone yesterday.  We are starting to think that he has Psychogenic Alopecia?  I'm not so sure but I did a search on excessive cat grooming and self inflicted wounds.  Kumo loves to groom himself and we noticed that he spends a LOT of time cleaning himself compared to Nuggie.  We'll ask the vet about this when we bring him in for his check up.
kumo and nug butt
Not so sure if Kumo's habit of sleeping right next to Nug butt is a factor in his infection (but vet said it wasn't).  He also loves sleeping beside the wet floor mop and broom!  We are definitely keeping him away from those.  What a strange kitty!


  1. sis, some cats when bored. over groom themselves. one of my babies had a bald spot before due to excessive grooming, and i added lots of playtime for him. so he wont do that again. some naman are allergic to their food. better ask your vet about it nga. he looks so sad with the e-collar.

  2. We are glad Kumo's skin is getting better, but sorry to hear he has two new spots. :(

    We purr and pray you'll figure it all out real soon!

  3. LOLS at the last paragraph~

    so it was excessive grooming pala.. :(



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