Friday, August 26, 2011

Orange and Conehead

The white kitty has been wearing the cone for over a month now.
No more sad face since he is so used to it already!
Sleeping with the cone on beside big orange
We used to take the cone off during meal time...
but we found out that he can manage with it on.  Hopefully we can remove the cone soon.  I miss seeing Kumo without it.    


  1. phew, that's a long time to be wearing a cone :(.

  2. Kendo has the cone too! He keeps gnawing on his hind legs. Mom medicated it and he has to wear the cone all the time! I take it off when it's feeding time coz he's having a hard time reaching the food from the bowl. :(

    What's the problem with Kumo?

  3. Awww...when does the cone come off? He looks cute in it though :)



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