Monday, October 26, 2009

Mac and Cheese by Lucky Me!

I am a big fan of instant food hence my full rubenesque figure :) But don't get me wrong because I also like taking time out to prepare meals but sometimes instant is the way to go... especially if you have to eat while working! Anyway, I was really pleased to have found out about Lucky Me's newest offering - Mac and Cheese! Yay! I really love mac and cheese and the best part is each pack only costs p14! There are 2 variants: baked mac (red pack) and mac & cheeze (blue). Personally, I prefer the blue pack better since the red one was a bit too sweet for my liking. My kidneys are thanking me for this yummy sodium packed snack. haha!a yummy bowl of mac and cheese :) The serving is quite small so there are actually 2 packs in this bowl. haha!


  1. wow, westernized na pala ang lucky me! mac-and-cheese! do you have to add milk to it (as with american brands) or does everything come in small sachets like their pancit canton?

  2. wow, kakaiba ang hitsura ng noodles. looks yummy though :)

  3. @peach - yes! sa grocery ko yan binili ;p

    @ff - the cheese sauce is pre mixed. kinda like cheese whiz!

    @ody - you have to try it sa dec! cheap eats :)

  4. downside lang nito e kulang ang isang pack sa akin huhuhu....

  5. @bulaang katotohanan - oo nga eh! i had 2 packets kaagad kasi ang konti! hehe takaw :P



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