Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What to Donate

I just came from the grocery and was very happy to see so many people buying water, medicine and food for the flood victims. I really hope that this spirit of generosity will continue for a long time.

Anyway, here is a list of items that are urgently needed at this time:
  • ready to eat food (crackers, bread, packed meals)
  • potable water
  • medicine (paracetamol, pain killers, cold and flu tablets, vitamins and medication for kids)
  • disinfectant (isopropyl alcohol, betadine)
  • canned food and noodles (but i think a can opener should be included as well)
  • clothes and footwear that are still usable and in good condition. A volunteer posted this remark online after sorting donations: " Sana po, wag na natin isama sa donasyon ang costumes. Wala naman po sigurong gustong magsuot ng barong, Santa pants at Michael Jackson tops sa ganitong panahon ng delubyo." ( I hope that we do not include costumes in our donations. I don't think that anybody would want to wear barong, Santa pants and Michael Jackson tops at this point). For other dry goods, my friend said: "please give what can be used. wag naman yung mga photo albums(!) or other junk items na makakadagdag lang sa basura. Ang relief goods po ay hindi junk yard."
  • money (but please make sure that you donate to a credible group. Philippine aid is one of them)

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