Thursday, September 17, 2009

calling all architects and planners!

I stumbled upon this really cool contest while browsing for eco houses :) I dream of having an eco home in the future with a renewable energy source. And speaking of green energy, did you know that cd-r king sells windmills?! For only P100,000 you can cart one of those babies home :P

Anyway, going back to the contest here are the details:

Building safer climate resistant structures ahead of time is an endeavor that can radically reduce the number of injuries, climate refugees and deaths brought on by the unending cycle of disaster damage – reconstruction - repeated destruction in climate sensitive areas. Since the onslaught of typhoons cannot be avoided, having strong structures ahead of time will provide a safe haven for those continually traumatized by the harsh realities brought on by these natural disasters. Moreover, the stability ensured by a fortified settlement will also empower communities to uplift their quality of life by finally having permanence in their living arrangements and a sense of security as they live within the challenges of their geography.
It is in this light that the competition calls for a masterplan and design of an eco-agro-tourism development for a rural community in the tropical hotspot of Camarines Sur Philippines. This site has experienced the dramatic destruction caused by strong tropical cyclones and yet continues to try to rise above it with progressive projects that seek to alleviate the condition of its people. With the help of the global architecture community it believes that it can be an example of strength, resilience and innovative adaptability.
The top 3 winning designs will be awarded US $ 10,000, US $ 5,000 and US $ 3,000 respectively. The 1st prize winning design will be built as a prototype master planned community of 50 houses in Cam Sur . All design entries will be compiled and published into an encyclopedia of architecture and planning solutions for climate change
Competition Objectives
  • To build the first green, affordable, disaster-resistant village in the Philippines while respecting the environment (through the proper planning, selection and use of sustainable materials and systems as well considering the production life cycle and embedded energy needed to create and transport these materials and systems)
  • To build an Encyclopedia of climate-resilient, affordable design solutions that can be used to help facilitate the development of policies that address these humanitarian challenges
August 15, 2009 Competition launch online
December 19, 2009 Deadline for registration
January 30, 2010 Deadline for submission of questions
February 13, 2010 Deadline to dispatch answers to questions
March 27, 2010 Deadline for submission of entries
April 6 to 9, 2010 Judging
April 22, 2010 Awarding
The competition is open to all local and international architects and planners, registered according to the relevant laws in their respective countries. All entrants are required to provide relevant professional information on the registration form. Where an entry is made by a team of professionals, the team must be led by a person meeting the above criteria. That member must be indicated on the registration form as the entrant.
The following are disqualified from this competition:
  • Professional Adviser and Consultants to the Competition
  • Members of the UAP National Board
  • Chairman and members of the UAP Competition Committee
  • Members of the Jury
  • Architects currently employed by any of the partners of the competition
  • Immediate family members of the persons listed above
Design Task
  • Develop a masterplan for a village of 30 houses that can be applied to other similar rural sites.
  • Create an integrated eco-agro-tourism development that addresses the sustainability of the community by understanding the local demographic, economic, social, and environmental attributes.
  • Propose a site-sensitive design theme for the entire village to achieve a unified look, that can be applied to all structures within the community.
  • Provide a detailed design for a typical house, including interior space planning.
  • 1st Prize - $10,000 and Guaranteed build
  • 2nd Prize - $5,000 and Option to build
  • 3rd Prize - $3,000 and Option to build
Construction Budget
  • House (Structure and finishing) – Php 100,000 (US$ 2,125)
Program Requirements
Minimum Lot and Floor Areas
  • Individual lot area is at least 64 sqm. for single detached, at least 40 sqm. for duplex
  • Minimum floor area is at least 20 sqm.
Each house should include:
  • At least one bedroom, one bathroom, 1 kitchen counter (can be located in the exterior), one living and dining area
  • Service area at the rear of the house for laundry (clothesline) and cooking
  • Landscaping with sufficient yard area for planting vegetables
Community Facilities should include the following:
  • Community Center/ Multi-purpose Hall (≥ 60 sqm)
  • School/ Day Care Center (≥ 60 sqm)
  • Waste Management Facility (≥ 20 sqm)
  • Bed and Breakfast Facility (≥ 60 sqm)
Target land use:
  • 1/3 agricultural
  • 1/3 residential
  • 1/3 access and other open areas
Project Assumptions
  • Utilities are available
  • Zoning/ Rights of Way
  • Local Building Codes (setbacks, fire ratings, etc.)
  • Local materials available
for more info go here :)

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