Sunday, December 14, 2008

what's up with steve?

When Erman went to New York last month I asked him to get me the "Stacii" (the one on the left) Steve Madden shoes that I wanted. I was already planning on ordering online and having them shipped home but changed my mind when I saw the shipping fee. Ang mahal! Unfortunately, despite all his efforts (he even got lost) Stacii was not in stock in the Steve stores. but it wasn't so bad because I ended up getting a very nice pair called "Cheerful" (right).

When I picked up Erman at the airport, his officemate went up to me and said : "so, you're steve madden!" haha. I think they really had a hard time looking for my shoes :)

Anyway, going back to Stacii... I finally got them :) My sister was able to order it online and have it shipped to her when she was in New York last month. Yehey! Thanks Isa!

happy shoes :)


  1. this is the black shoe collection :)

  2. Are you residing in the Philippines? Because if you are, we already have Steve Madden here. It's the newest store in Eastwood Mall. I saw one if I am not mistaken. :-)



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