Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy days

It was raining a lot last week...
lots of rain
In fact, it looked like this almost everyday!
sleeping again
As expected, the cats did nothing but sleep :)
watching the rain
But when they were awake I'd often find them looking out
instant pool
There was so much water that the construction site dig turned into an instant pool :D
plants are safe
Thankfully, all our plants survived (even the succulents)
My tea cups were filled to the brim...
rain water for Kumo
Kumo was pleased though since he loves drinking from cups!


  1. nugget is so huge, sarap to hug

  2. ang cute naman nung picture na magtabi sila looking out hihihi

  3. Love that photo where they are looking out -- so dramatic and full of story :)

  4. Wow, look at all those cups to drink from!

  5. at least si kumo, maraming abasto na tubig sa tea cups mo...lol.

  6. Hi. Somewhat long-time lurker here. :) I love all your stories and photos, especially the cats. I have 7 of them myself though they're back in MNL.

    I wonder why Kumo always ends up sleeping with his face next to Nugget's butt? :)

    Nugget reminds me of my only boy (cat) - also orange, but not huge. Nugget's size looks the same as my "Queen" cat Marsha. :)

    Pahimas kay Kumo at Nugget. :)

    - from a fellow cat lover

  7. Nugge and Kumo, we love to drink in cups too. Our mama sets aside a yellow plastic cup filled with water in the sink and that's where we drink.

    Emma and Buster

  8. @lucyvanflick - we are not so sure why Kumo is so comfy sleeping right next to Nugget's butt. It is so odd! :D



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