Monday, May 2, 2011

Spot the Nug

Our wedding plants are here!
box of plants
Can you spot the Nug? :)
spot the nug
Our little wedding inspector takes a closer look at all the potted plants.
hi Nuggie!
I think he is amazed at how many new things we have at home.
nuggie in bloom


  1. on the last image, i think we culd tell from nugget's face that he was not completely happy with teh quality of plants :)

    i enjoy reading about your cats.

  2. Will Nugget and Kumo have roles in the wedding ceremony? :)

    Best wishes to your little family (yes, including the kitties)

  3. @photo - I think he wished it was cat nip instead :D

    @Qish and Rue - I wish we could bring the boys up to Tagaytay but sadly that would be too stressful for them :( We'll just have a family photo before going up ;p

  4. We are so excited for you -- your wedding plants are cool! Good job inspecting, Nugget! :)



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