Monday, August 17, 2009

the secret

According to "The Secret", the best way to get the things you want out of life is to own them. You have to visualize yourself living your dreams and goals. Okay, I am cheating here... actually, I have not read "The Secret" yet but I intend to because I have been always been curious on why the book (and it's teaching) has such a huge following.

Anyway, I am channeling all "The Secret's" powers and imagining the things that i want right now. LOL. Actually, I think I have pretty much everything I need but it wouldn't hurt to dream, right? :)
it would be really great to have an apple display where i can connect my macbook. Am actually thinking of selling my imac to get one...
underwater case for my cam :)colored laser printeroriginal Mr. Atomic robot (or a very good replica) and lastly, MORE cats. (Old woman not included)


  1. hahaha..natawa ako sa old woman not included..

  2. if i had more cats than i do now, i think i'm going to BE that old woman! haha.

  3. you can also watch "the secret" movie! i think it came out even before the book. same content.



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