Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year Meal

My good friend invited me to accompany him to a traditional Chinese New Year meal last Monday. I was really glad that I decided to go because I have never tried any of the dishes before and also because its really cool to see how the locals celebrate.

The dish on the top is a raw fish salad called Yu Sheng. I missed the tossing of the salad (since I was a bit late) but I read online that it is a very symbolic gesture to welcome prosperity for the new year. The guests say "lo hei" which means "mix up" as they toss the ingredients with chopsticks.
The highlight dish is the steamboat. Actually, it is very similar to Shabu Shabu. Yum!fresh scallops, fish maw and prawns! I have always been curious about fish maw since I see it all the time in the grocery. Fish maw is fried fish stomach and looks exactly like chicharon before going into the steamboat!mushrooms and broccoliAnd to end the meal we had almond soup with white fungus for dessert.


  1. the scallops on its shells look divine! and the mushrooms look yummy (love mushrooms)! everything looks great!

    gong xi fa cai!

  2. yes, everything was yummy - except for the fish maw. too um, fishy for my taste! haha!

  3. maybe it needs ginger to neutralize the fishyness? hehe.

    wow, you designed the tinapa sticker? cool! it can also be a great notecard. i browsed your greeting cards and they're fab. love the one with the hungry kitty. hehe.

  4. yes, maybe and also garlic! super lansa talaga and the texture was weird too. It was chewy and tough at the same time! haha.

    btw, i used to work with ging and ody at hallmark :) i made a whole asian themed set for scrapbooking :)

  5. amazing! you, ody and ging are definitely a talented lot! i go to hallmark shops here a lot just to browse the card designs and giftables. :P



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