Friday, March 22, 2013

Things that make me happy

It's another Friday!  3 days to go 'till Meow day! Woot.  I'm so excited!  Tomorrow I am having an early celebration with my family at home and I am making a salmon cake :D  Salmon cake?  I know it sounds weird but I'll tell you more about it soon :D

Anyway, here is another random list (and photos) of the things that make me happy. March has been really awesome to meow.  I feel a bit sad that my favorite month is almost over.
 Spotting weird and funny things.  Do you see it? 
 Yes, it's a shoe!  Not sure what it is doing on the roof :D
 My Greenies addicts! 
 Leeroy New's artwork invading an overpass in Makati!
 Different kinds of cherry tomatoes

 Trying Juju cleanse... I loved it!  Wish I can do a cleanse more often.
 Making a diaper cake for my nephew to be.  Added a cute Lion book too!  Maybe next time I will add some catches and safety hooks to secure the doors and cabinets in my nephew's room.
Lucky days.  I won tickets to see a movie and won a phone in the raffle!  Double win :D  Hope we will all have many lucky days ahead.  Happy weekend folks!

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