Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Pig Ever

I don't eat pork (I haven't in almost 15 years) but it's funny that the first thing on my pasalubong list during my recent trip to Cebu was Lechon. They say that Cebu Lechon is the best so I decided that I should bring some home for my siblings to try. And since I have been a long time fan of Marketman's blog, I thought that if I was going to bring home Lechon it had to be Zubuchon :) Anthony Bourdain even said during his visit here that it was the best pig ever! Wow, exciting! Too bad I don't eat pork. haha!

You might be wondering what exactly is Zubuchon and how is it different from the other brands? Here is Marketman's description:

"We do not use MSG. We do not use mixes of any sort such as sinigang mix, ginisa mix, etc. We do not use paintbrushes to paint the skin with soy sauce, and we do not use blowtorches to even out the caramelization of lechon skin. We do not use very large pigs for sale by the kilo (these pigs at 45+ kilos live weight tend to have more fat content). We do not extract any of the prime meat inside the pig before cooking (some folks remove the tenderloins). We do not have a smooth shell-lacqued skin. ZUBUCHON is about doing things the old fashioned way. We carefully select our pigs from folks who generally raise them in their back yards, not from large commercial piggeries. As such, we feel we pay a fair price with little intermediation to the individuals who actually raise the pigs, even if we must drive an hour away to obtain them. We often “fatten up” our pigs for several days or weeks before they are slaughtered. We use only the freshest and often home grown organic lemongrass, green onions, siling labuyo or peppers, local sea salt, and other herbs and spices. We use good olive oil. And we prepare, accupuncture and cook the pig by hand, with no mechanized systems at all. We cook the pigs on natural bamboo poles over charcoal purchased from small scale manufacturers in the highland towns of the province." more on this here:

Zubuchon is available in Banilad Town Center but thankfully they also have a mini outlet at the domestic airport :) The Lechon is nicely packed and is priced at p490 a kilo (1 styro is 1kg). They also sell frozen paksiw and sisig!

For oders you can call:
032-2365264 and 0917-6274761
032-5835699 Banilad Town Center


  1. I'm jealous, I wanted to try this for a long time na. I hope in my next vacay there I can drop by to Cebu just for this lechon. CNT Lechon lang kase na-try ko years ago.

  2. haven't tried cebu's lechon. I've been hearing a lot of about it and hopefully i can visit cebu to try it.

  3. you haven't eaten pork in 15 years? i am palpitating with guilt! haha.

    if they sell it at the airport, it must really be good!

  4. I've been hearing a lot about how good cebu's lechon is. A must try talga. :)



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